[Group-buy] 5-pin Hyperglide Cherry Mx Black

[Group-buy] 5-pin Hyperglide Cherry Mx Black

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UPDATE: All on-hand inventory has shipped as of 11/28/2020. All remaining orders will be part of the manufactured batch. Regarding the manufacturing timeline, they have confirmed they will try their best to have these ready before the new year. However, they have also acknowledged this is only an estimate, and may be subject to delays. For more frequent updates please check out our discord here.

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Hyperglide Cherry Mx Blacks were announced during CES 2020. These switches feature Cherry's new 'Hyperglide' tooling. The result of this new tooling is increased smoothness, tighter tolerances, and an increased service life of >100million actuations.

These switches will be sourced directly through Cherry, and official Cherry distributors. 


Switches are sold in packs of 10.

Quantity 1 = 10 switches. 


  • Linear
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 60g actuation
  • PCB mount (5-pin)
  • Hyperglide tooling




  • Groupbuy start date: 11/12/20
  • Groupbuy end date: 11/19/20
  • Estimated shipping date: Tentatively estimated to arrive 3/12/21
    • For more detailed, and frequent updates please check out our discord here.





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    • This is a group-buy. A group-buy is essentially a group of people combining their money together to make a bulk order with a manufacturer.
    • With any group-buy, there can be unforeseen delays and set-backs. The estimated shipment date is only an estimate.
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