[Group-buy] Crystalline Deskmat - Jade

[Group-buy] Crystalline Deskmat - Jade

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**If you'd like to purchase multiple Crystalline deskmat colorways, please place an order for 1, then email Hello@Dangkeebs.com with your order number and the additional colors you would like to add. We apologize for this inconvenience. We're working on fixing this glitch.**

The Crystalline Deskmat Series was inspired by the mesmerizing refractive nature of cut gemstones. This collection features various geometric gradients inspired by various stones. The intricate design and vibrant colors assures this deskmat will captivate your gaze each time you walk into the room.



  • 900mm x 400mm x 4mm
  • Premium printing process
  • Cloth top
  • Rubber bottom
  • Stitched edges
  • In-house design 






  • Groupbuy start date: 2/6/21 
  • Groupbuy end date:  2/20/21
  • Estimated shipping date: Q2 2021


International Vendors:

CA: AlphaKeys
EU: Keygem
United Kingdom: Mechboards
SE Asia: ZionStudios




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  • This is a group-buy. A group-buy is essentially a group of people combining their money together to make a bulk order with a manufacturer.
  • The final product may vary slightly in color from the images viewed on this page. 
    • Please view photos of our sample product here
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