1.30.2022 General Update / Upcoming Projects

1.30.2022 General Update / Upcoming Projects

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For those in the Northeast, we hope you enjoyed the snow day yesterday! It was crazy out there.

We have a few changes, and upcoming projects to announce.

1. Updates will now be available on the website!
Up until now we’ve relied solely on Discord to update everyone. However, we’ve come to realize there’s a growing number of you who are not present on Discord. We’ve also found the role system we’ve been using to notify for specific projects to be a bit cumbersome. To streamline notifications, and to ensure as many people are in the loop as possible we’ll be posting update posts on our website moving forward. The current role-based notification system will slowly dissappear over the next week or two as we re-organize the server. You’ll be able to find group-buy updates, inventory updates, and general updates here.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be retiring updates on Discord completely! We’ll continue to ping on Discord for updates. Longer updates such as this one will contain a link to the website in the future. Shorter updates will be posted in full in Discord as well as the website. We’re hoping this change makes it easier for everyone to access the information they need.

2. We officially have a mod for the server!
You may have noticed this already if you’ve been floating around the server recently, but we’re very happy to welcome @captainadq#9899 as our first official mod! He’s been a part of our server since forever and he’s always been a wonderful member of our community. We’re extremely grateful to have him as part of our team. He’ll be able to assist you with general questions and he’ll also be helping us with server events/giveaways in the future!

3. Upcoming in-stock items:
We’ll be working closely with KTT this year to bring you more of their extensive selection. There are several obscure molds, springs, and materials we’d like introduce this year. Being the switches will be new without many reviews, we do plan to release each switch as an in stock item. The first of this will be the KTT Monochrome Collection. This will include 3 switches – Onyx (Tactile), Chalk (Linear), and Marble (Tactile). These switches will be released one at a time with Onyx being the first and releasing in February. Chalk will likely arrive in March, and Marble in April. We’ll be posting the product listings within the next week or two with all the details!

We’ll also be expanding our selection in terms of brands. Jwick switches will be available late Q1 – early Q2. More SP-Star will be available around the same time. Aflion switches will be available Q2. We’ll also continue to expand our selection from current brands – Gateron, Durock, Tecsee, etc.

Additionally, we’re in the early stages of some non-switch projects. We’ll be releasing more details soon once things are more presentable!

4. Upcoming interest check / group-buys:
[Interest Check] JTK Exit Plan by Neptune Keys
More information can be found here.

[Group-buy] Strawberry Jelly V2 by Aregs Keyboard and LD Studios
Description from the Designers:
Strawberry jelly v2 is inspired by pink strawberry-flavored jelly, designed by Aregs Keyboard and LD studios. Its slightly extended stem will bring you feedback but not too strong feeling, which can be accepted and loved by most people. Because of the 20mm Long springs will bring elastic feel!
Its color is the same as Meow Claw v2, made by the same factory (Huano), but the details and feeling are a comprehensive upgrade of Meow Claw v2! Strawberry jelly v2 is smoother, more elastic, and sounds better!

* Linear
* 3.9mm travel / 2.0mm actuation
* Stem: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
* Top Housing: PC
* Bottom Housing: Nylon
* Spring: 55g(bottom out) extended spring
* PCB mount (3 pin)
* Unlubed from factory
* Manufactured by Huano


Tentative dates:

2/5/2022 - 2/25/2022

That’s all we have for now! As always if you have any questions, or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks everyone!

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