2.19.2022 General Update / Upcoming Projects

2.19.2022 General Update / Upcoming Projects

We hope everyone's enjoying the 3 day weekend! We just have a few upcoming things to share:

1. Force curves are on the way!

With more and more switches arriving, we wanted to provide another resource on our product listings to compare them. It can be challenging to describe switches using only text, but fortunately a picture is worth a thousand words! We believe force curves are the most reliable way to objectively compare switches. We're extremely excited to be able to provide you with these informative graphs created by Pylon. You can already find them on some of our listings. They'll soon be available for all listings.

Pylon's extensive force curve repository can also be found here. He is also working on an open-source force curve meter - more on that here


2. Strawberry Milk Linears in the Strawberry colorway are coming back very soon!

We placed our order for these a little while ago. The switches and packaging are estimated to arrive in March. However, they've become a bit more popular than when we first placed the order (We're super happy you guys enjoy them!). We're considering adding to the original quantity depending on how much interest there is. We'll be opening a short pre-order for them from February 20th @ 10AM EST - February 25th @ 10PM EST. During this time they'll be available for $6.30/10 switches rather than $6.80/10 switches. This pre-order will be unlimited. We'd like to ensure everyone who wants this colorway will have an opportunity to purchase them unlike the first time they went up. 

The pre-order will be on a separate listing than the current listing. You'll be able to find it here when it goes live: 



And don't worry tactile friends! We haven't forgotten about Strawberry Housing Tactiles! We're hoping to have those back next! 

3. KTT Monochrome listings are up! Onyx switches have arrived!
For anyone curious, you can find the details here:

KTT Monochrome - Onyx Switches have also arrived. We're just waiting for the packaging now. KTT Monochrome - Chalk will be entering production soon. 


4. Quartz V2's are still on the way!

We wanted to mention these as we've received a number of emails regarding them. Unfortunately, due to some shipping issues they're taking a bit longer than expected to arrive. We're anticipating they'll be here in March. 


5. Last week to get your Strawberry Jelly V2's! 
The group-buy will close February 25th! Don't miss out! 



That’s all we have for now! As always if you have any questions, or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks everyone!

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