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[Pre-Order] Angry Miao - Cyberboard R4 - Graffiti

[Pre-Order] Angry Miao - Cyberboard R4 - Graffiti

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CYBERBOARD is back in the form of R4 with an adjustable leaf-spring mount and multi-color anodizing. The design is inspired by the Supreme x The North Face collab Paisley jacket, as well as the works from American graffiti artist Basquiat and Spanish contemporary artist Felipe Pantone. This, in combination with numerous upgrades to its internals, makes R4 our most stunning and best sounding CYBERBOARD yet.


From street fashion to street art

From the gangs of the West Coast to favelo graffiti. And from rebellion to the legend of SAMO IS DEAD, to the abstract of OP ART's retro-futuristic style. Contemporary art and works that are perceived as "phenomenal" often emerge from one's surroundings. In order to pay tribute to these great works and artists, we have incorporated multi-color anodizing for the first time in an Angry Miao product, combining these iconic street trends and artistic symbols with the luster of metal, complementing each other.


LED panel with custom lighting effects

With thanks to our users, we were able to include custom LED panel lighting effects for each of the e-coat colorways. Of course, you can also create your own custom lighting effects through our DIY site.


Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount, choose between hard or soft

We have completely reworked the internals for CYBERBOARD R4. Our highly praised Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount, which was first released with AM AFA, is now available with CYBERBOARD for the first time. With our Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount, the typing feel of your keyboard no longer depends on the hardness of the Top Mount or the softness of the Gasket Mount. It's completely up to you.

By mixing stainless steel and phosphorus copper leaf springs, adjusting the three gear levels and using different pads, you can achieve your perfect typing combo.


Updated internals, upgraded feel. The best sounding CYBERBOARD yet

With the experience accumulated from developing AM AFA and AM Compact Touch, we believe we have found the perfect setup when it comes to keyboard internals. Now it's time to apply our findings to Cyberboard. 

  • POM plate with cut-outs for more flex
  • PORON foam to minimize the empty space between the plate and PCB
  • 1.2mm 4-layer hotswap PCB with in-switch RGB and pre-attached stabilizer pads
  • Pre-attached custom PCB foam with precise cut-outs
  • IXPE 8 switch pad for a more focused typing sound
  • New PET film for a purer typing sound
  • Two custom adjustment pads to find your perfect typing combo
  • PORON bottom pad to reduce hollow sound and increase cushioning


Icy Silver Pro Switches included in Bundle - RGB x thock
The CYBERBOARD R4 Bundle marks the debut of our Icy Silver Pro Switch, co-developed with Tango Works.

  • All-new Y3 composite stem, pre-lubed
  • Polished translucent PC switch housing
  • 37gf actuation and 45gf bottom-out, light yet smooth
  • Top level feel, sound and RGB


Top-shelf hardware

  • 2.4G hardware supported, available soon
    CYBERBOARD R4 has hardware support 2.4G built-in which can be enabled through an OTA update. A separate 2.4G dongle will be available in the future.
  • Seamless dual-mode switching
    Automatically switch between Bluetooth and wired. Just plug in the cable. No need to press any button.
  • Automatically switch between Windows and macOS key mapping
    CYBERBOARD automatically recognizes your operating system and switches to the corresponding key map automatically. Move between PC and Mac effortlessly.
  • 10000mAh battery, 2000+ hours of battery life
    Disable the LED panel and in-switch LEDs and you can use your CYBERBOARD for more than 2000 hours in Bluetooth mode.
  • Wireless charging
    Thanks to Qi wireless charging support, CYBERBOARD works perfect in combination with CYBERMAT. The perfect combination to get rid of all wires on your desk.



  • Mount: Angry Miao Three-stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount
  • Layout: 75%
  • Typing angle: 10° 
  • Front height: 18.1 mm 
  • Body material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy 
  • Finish: Electrophoresis Painting 
  • Default plate: Polycarbonate
  • PCB Specifications:
    • Bluetooth 5.1
    • USB-C (supports C to C)
    • 1.2mm thickness
    • 4 layers with cut-outs
    • Supports hotswap and in-switch LEDs
    • Supports remapping and custom in-switch LED effects
  • Weight:
    • Base kit: 2.9kg (±0.1)
    • Bundle: 3.2kg (±0.1)
  • Dimensions:  340.5mm (L) x 181mm (W) - (Front height 18.1mm, rear height 42.94mm (excluding feet)


What's in the box?

Base Kit

  • Keyboard body (aluminum)
  • PCB (hotswap, cut-outs, RGB, 1.2mm thickness)
  • POM plate (with cut-outs)
  • Leaf Spring accessory kit
  • Screwdriver accessory kit
  • Carrying case


  • In addition to the accessories included in the Base Kit:
  • Keycaps *81
  • Icy Silver Pro Switches *81 (linear)
  • Gateron Ink Black Stabilizers (screw-in, 2U*3, 6.25*1)
  • The Cloud White V2 Bundle includes 021C keycaps, other colorways include Glacier Dark keycaps.












  • Pre-order start date: March 27th, 2024
  • Pre-order end date: April 27th, 2024
  • Estimated shipping date: Q2 2024

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  • There are no refunds, or cancellations on these orders.

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