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[Group-Buy] Meletrix ZoomPad Special Edition (SE) - Barebones Numpad Kit - Anodized Orange [Air Shipping]

[Group-Buy] Meletrix ZoomPad Special Edition (SE) - Barebones Numpad Kit - Anodized Orange [Air Shipping]

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The extremely popular Zoom series is back! This time featuring the perfect companion to your keyboard in more customizations than ever! You won't want to miss out on this amazing numpad!


ZoomPad at a Glance:

    • Unique Chamfer
      • The Zoompad Special Edition features chamfers that are polished to match the Zoom75 Special Editions.
    • Nightlight Knobs:
      • The ZoomPad features newly designed optional Nightlight knobs. These 5 lovely knobs can be rotated to adjust the volume and pressed to toggle mute. Additionally, VIA allows users to assign any command to these three actions, providing further customization options.
    • Per-key RGB:
      • Zoompad PCB's offer per-key RGB lighting, offering a diverse selection of colors and effects to enhance your visual experience. It is compatible with wired, wireless, and 2.4GHz modes, except for the wired PCB which lacks this feature.
    • Multiple PCB Options:
      • To maximize customizability, there are now 2 PCB options: tri-mode and wired. The thickness remains at 1.2mm. The design incorporates a daughterboard that can be securely attached independently, effectively preventing the positioning of the Type-C interface from being affected by the cut-out on the case.
      • Gasket Sleeves:
        • ZoomPads feature gasket sleeves made of unique supercritical foam which is able to both stabilize the plate as well as provide adequate spacing for flex. This results in a typing experience that's well-balanced and neither too stiff or soft. 
      • Various Plate Materials:
        • Zoompads are highly customizable and feature numerous plate options including brass, aluminum, and FR4. Fully customize your typing experience with the ZoomPad. Please note, additional plates are sold separately. 
      • Hot-swappable:
        • Zoompad Tri-mode PCB's feature hot-swap sockets which allows you to easily swap your switches, no soldering required! Changing switches is a breeze, you can go from linears to tactiles in a matter of minutes, all on the same keyboard!
        • Included Foam:
          • Zoompads comes with an array of foams in the kit for those who like a dampened, refined sound. This iteration features PORON that is lighter, but with foam pores that are denser resulting in a more concentrated and deeper sound. Feel free to experiment with different combinations, or use none of them at all!
        • Tri-mode PCB
          • Use your ZoomPad with your PC, laptop, tablet or even your phone - all without any wires thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz support. You can also use the numpad in wired mode if that's what you prefer!
        • VIA Compatible:
          • The Bluetooth PCB is fully compatible with VIA, the powerful GUI widely renowned for it's customizability and ease of use. Remap any key on the keyboard on 4 different layers, including the knob. Use built in powerful shortcuts and macros, or define your own!
        • Battery Included:
          • Every ZoomPad comes with a 600 mAh Li-ion battery included in the kit. Once it's out of charge simply connect your keyboard to your PC / laptop using the USB-C cable (USB Cable not included).



          • Gasket mount design
          • Layout: 20% (Numpad)
          • Typing angle: 5° 
          • Front height: 20mm
          • Top case material: Aluminum 
            • Essential Editions: Electrostatic coated
            • Special Editions: Anodized, and E-White
            • GT Silver: Nano-coated
            • Kitsune Edition: Anodized Navy
              • USB port engraving with multicolor infill
              • Side engraving with multicolor infill
              • Silver polished chamfers
          • Bottom case material: Aluminum
            • Essential Editions: Electrostatic coated
            • Special Editions: Anodized, and E-White
            • GT Silver: Nano-coated
            • Kitsune Edition: Anodized Navy
          • Backplate: Glass / PVD SS 
          • Weight material: Aluminum / PVD SS
          • Knob material: Aluminum / PVD SS
            • Default plate: Polycarbonate
            • PCB Specifications:
              • Bluetooth PCB polling rate: 125hz
              • 2.4GHz polling rate: 1000hz
              • Wired polling rate: 1000hz
              • Hotswap
              • Per-key RGB
              • 1.2mm thickness with Ai03 daughterboard
            • Weight:
              • Essential kit with aluminum knob / weight / glass mirror back-plate: 0.671 kg
              • Essential kit with brass knob / PVD SS weight / glass mirror back-plate: 0.724 kg
              • Essential kit with aluminum knob / weight / PVD back-plate: 0.719 kg
              • Essential kit with brass knob / PVD SS weight / PVD back-plate: 0.774 kg
            • Dimensions: 145.73 x 94. 83 x 34.7 (mm)


            What's in the box?

            • Aluminum top and bottom case
            • Knob
            • Aluminum external weight 
            • Backplate
            • Tri-mode Non-flex Hotswap RGB PCB
            • 2.4G USB Receiver
            • Daughterboard/JST cable
            • Polycarbonate Plate
              • Gasket sleeves
              • Set of WS Stabilizers V3.1
              • Li-ion battery (600mAh)
              • PORON dampener kit
              • Silicone keyboard feet
              • Screws and other installation tools and accessories 












                • Group-buy start date: July 25th, 2023
                • Group-buy end date: August 8th, 2023
                • Estimated shipping date: Q4 2023 (The items are estimated to finish production in October. Air shipped units will arrive to our warehouse about 1-2 weeks after production finishes).


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