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Blueberry - 65% Barebones Keyboard Kit

Blueberry - 65% Barebones Keyboard Kit

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Blueberry is a beautiful seamless, gasket mounted, universally compatible 65% board designed by Toffee Studio. 


What Makes the Blueberry Special?

Superior Gasket-mounted Typing Comfort

The Blueberry uses only 6 unique gaskets to entirely separate the plate from the casing, bringing unparalleled typing comfort and acoustics. Flex cuts provided on the plates between rows evenly dissipate vibrations and the stiffness of bottoming out. Additionally, the Blueberry incorporates a carefully designed lower case and gasket system with flexibility in mind. The Blueberry’s max flex is 6.3 mm, with the original front height of 18mm adjusted to 19.6mm in the second round of prototyping, then finally to 20.1mm to fully compensate for the movement of the PCB/Plate assembly. Through four complete redesigns of the Blueberry, Toffee Studio delivers a refined complement to the tried and true 65% form factor.


Standardized PCB Support

For many popular and sought-after boards, PCBs are no longer manufactured after the initial run, making it extremely difficult and cost ineffective to find replacements. The Blueberry features tested compatibility with a wide range of popular 65% PCBs, including the:

  • KBD67 REV2
  • Instant65 PCB
  • Savage65 PCB
  • Tada68 PCB

May support the following PCBs (untested):

  • XD68 PCB
  • YDKB Simpo68
  • YDKB Just68 (Bluetooth Dual Mode)

The Blueberry implements plug and play PCB support, opting for a more traditional and truly isolated USB port, similar to the popular Mekanisk Fjell.

Swapping from a different board? The Blueberry supports PCBs found in a large majority of popular 65% custom keyboards.


High Quality Precise Machining

All Blueberry units are checked and quality inspected not only from the factory, but in person. This involves a two-step inspection process, starting with the manufacturer’s inspection team, before reaching our team for detailed examination. We deliver unequaled surface quality and anodization uniformity as our pilot and entrée into the mechanical keyboard hobby.


Custom Ultra-Flex PCB (designed by Suzu)

All Blueberry units ship with the custom-designed Blueberry Flex PCB. The Blueberry Flex PCB features an elegant, navy blue solder mask as well as flex cuts between the rows of the PCB to help achieve a softer typing experience with flexibility in mind. The surface utilizes a premium Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) finish, resulting in a flat surface of gold covering the switch pads, which allows for more consistent and reliable soldering, significantly less warping and improved thermal durability.


Premium Polished PVD Finish Badge & Weight Design

The Blueberry includes an elegant blue mirror finish provided by a unique PVD coating process, enhancing the visual aesthetic of the badge and weight. Possessing a superior surface finish, it exhibits significantly improved corrosion resistance, durability and abrasion resistance without requiring a protective topcoat.

We produced a stunning yet simple emblem that best defines our board, developing and revising over 20 artworks for both the badge and weight.


Two-piece Top & Bottom Shell Design

The Blueberry borrows certain aspects of its aesthetic from a number of popular boards and is sold with a very rare yet sought after feature - a frosted, CNC polycarbonate bottom. This results in an illuminated, glowing bottom while maintaining the board's modest yet detailed design.

The gasket locations are located between the top and bottom shells, making installation and removal significantly easier. Instead of having to place gaskets on individual mounting points, gaskets can be placed in slots supplied in the bottom and top cases for a considerably more user-friendly experience.


PORON + PE Foam Kit

The Blueberry can be used without any foam and provides an exceptional typing feel and amazing acoustics. Not using the case foam also allows the board to take full advantage of its flexy plate, PCB, and case design to hit its full 6.5mm flex.

However, for those who desire a more muted, poppy, or unique sound signature, we provide an all-inclusive foam kit, including a 0.5mm, laser-cut PE foam, popularised by recent boards. PORON plate foam and case foam can be utilized accordingly to adjust flexibility and typing feel as well as provide a more refined sound.

It's up to you how you use the foam supplied; there are no two boards alike.


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  • Dimensions: 318mm x 116mm
  • Typing Angle: 5 degrees
  • Firmware: QMK Firmware with VIA support
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Layout: 65% with blocker and top-right badge, Tsangan & ISO layouts supported via universal plate.


What's Included?

  • 1x Anodised 6063 Aluminum Top Piece
  • 1x Bottom Piece (6063 Aluminum or Polycarbonate)
  • 1x Polished PVD Brass Badge
  • 1x Polished PVD Brass Weight
  • 1x Polycarbonate 1.5mm Flex Plate
  • 1x Blueberry 1.6mm Flex PCB
  • 1x Laser-Cut 3mm Poron Plate Foam
  • 1x Laser-Cut 2mm Poron Case Foam
  • 1x Laser-Cut 0.5mm PE Foam
  • 6x Laser-Cut 2mm Upper Case Poron Gaskets
  • 6x Laser-Cut 4mm Lower Case Poron Gaskets
  • x1 Black M2 5mm Badge Screw
  • x6 Black M2 18mm Case Screws
  • x4 Black M2 5mm Weight Screws
  • x4 Case Feet


Extra PCB/Plates:

  • Can be found here



    • 2 per household


      International Vendors:


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