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[Group-Buy] Meletrix Zoom65 V3 - PCB's

[Group-Buy] Meletrix Zoom65 V3 - PCB's

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Fully customize your Meletrix Zoom65 V3 with additional PCB's! 

What's new with V3? 

  • 3 Case Designs:
    • The Zoom65 V3 features 3 silhouettes - Classic, Tail-light, and Special Edition Panda. The Classic version features the timeless Zoom65 case shape without accents. The Tail-light version features a new mid-line accent piece that runs along the back of the case and and wraps around for a distinct side profile. The piece will come in two finishes - red and frosted. Finally, the Special Edition Panda version features a unique futuristic take on the new Zoom65 V3 silhouette. 
  • 16 Colorways: 
    • The Zoom65 V3 now offers more colorways than ever before! Whether you enjoy calm natural beiges, browns, and greens, or bright aquamarines or magenta - the Zoom65 V3 has it all! 
  • 7 Mounting Styles: 
    • With the Zoom65 V3 you'll never have to decide on a single mounting style! Featuring 7 revolutionary mounting styles - short-arm spring mount, non-load bearing spring mount, split o-ring mount, magnetic levitation mount, silica gel particle mount, floating pogo pin mount, and top mount. The hardware for all 7 mounting styles are included in each kit!  
  • HE Compatibility:
    • The Zoom65 V3 brings the advantages of HE in a beautiful, highly customizable case. Game at your best without any aesthetic sacrifice to your set-up. 
  • Magnetic PCB Connectors: 
    • The Zoom65 V3's magnetic PCB connectors satisfyingly click into place and eliminate messy cables during assembly.
  • 4 Modular Blockers: 
    • The Zoom65 V3 features multiple blockers - 1u key, badge, knob, or screen! 
  • Screw-less Case:
    • The Zoom65 V3 utilizes a truly screw-less closure by incorporating a unique ball-catch mechanism to disengage the top and bottom case for easy customization! 
  • New Stabilizers:
    • Each kit will include Wuque Studio's new "Stupid Stabilizers". These stabilizers use a clip-in design to eliminate screws, include silicone around the wire to reduce rattle, and utilize a TPU silicone stem to reduce friction with the wires. 

Zoom65 V3 EE At a Glance:

  • Various Plate Materials:
    • The Zoom65 V3 EE is highly customizable featuring numerous plate options including brass, aluminum, polycarbonate, POM, carbon fiber and FR4. Fully customize your typing experience with the Zoom65 V3 EE. Please note, additional plates are sold separately. 
  • Hot-swappable:
    • The Zoom65 V3 EE PCB features Kailh Hot Swap sockets which allows you to easily swap your switches, no soldering required! Changing switches is a breeze, you can go from linears to tactiles in a matter of minutes, all on the same keyboard!
  • Bluetooth PCB:
    • Leave the wires behind and use your Zoom65 V3 with your PC / Mac / tablet / phone with ease. The PCB has a polling rate of 1000hz in wired mode. The included battery can go many weeks between charges. Customize any key in the VIA app for Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Included Foam:
    • The Zoom65 V3 EE Kit comes with an array of foams in the kit for those who like a dampened, refined sound. Feel free to experiment with different combinations, or use none of them at all!
  • Included Extras:
    • The Zoom65 V3 EE comes with almost everything you need to put together your first keyboard, including an USB-C cable, premium WS stabilizers, and carrying case. All you need are switches and keycaps of your choice to build the ultimate keyboard that's uniquely yours.



  • Multi-mount design
  • Layout: 65%
  • Typing angle: 6.5° 
  • Front height: 20 mm 
  • Top case material: Aluminum 
  • Bottom case material: Aluminum
  • Weight material: Aluminum or SS
  • Default Module: Screen (LCD)
  • PCB Specifications:
    • 1.2mm (flex-cut), or 1.6mm (non flex-cut)
    • Wired or Tri-mode 
    • Per-key RGB
    • VIA and QMK Support






  • Group-buy start date: June 18th, 2024
  • Group-buy end date: July 2nd, 2024
  • Estimated shipping date: Q4 2024

Group-Buy Disclaimer

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  • There are no refunds, or cancellation on these orders.

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