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[Group-Buy] Haverworks Theseus75 - Barebones Kit

[Group-Buy] Haverworks Theseus75 - Barebones Kit

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Although the “endgame” board may be a myth, this one might come close. Meet the Theseus75: a balanced 75% split mechanical keyboard kit designed by @haverworks. With magnetic interlocking, a LEMO-compatible interconnect, and a cushioned typing feel not often found in splits, the Theseus sports a unique combination of features that set this board apart from the rest. The best part? It’s the first split keyboard we know of to include integrated USB hub passthrough—perfect for connecting your mouse, macropad, or other peripheral companion. All these features fit behind a clean, unassuming aesthetic meant to be the perfect backdrop for any keycap set. With almost a dozen different colorways to choose from, you’re sure to find one that compliments your setup.



  • Measurements: 
    • 6° typing angle
    • 20mm front height
    • 36.6mm total height (case bottom to top)
    • Kit content weight: 6.44 lbs (2.923 kg)
  • Layout:
    • 75% XT (single macro column)
    • Switches: 88-91
    • Stabilizers: 3-5 (2U)
    • Exploded navigation cluster
    • Two 1U rotary encoders
  • PCB:
    • Designed by ebastler
    • QMK firmware w/ VIA support
    • RGB LED underglow
    • Caps lock LED (with VIA customization support)
    • Integrated USB 2.0 hubs
    • Dual-role USB-C ports (either port can function as hub or host connection)
    • Alps EC11 encoders w/ 1.5mm push travel
    • STM32G431 microcontrollers
    • uDB S1-inspired form-factor daughterboards
    • 1.6mm black-core FR4, ENIG finish
  • Materials:
    • Keyboard: 
      • 6063 aluminum frame w/ anodized or electrophoretic finish
      • Polycarbonate base w/ frosted finish
      • PVD coated brass knobs w/ gold, black, or chroma (rainbow) finish
      • Aluminum knob mounts
      • PORON gaskets and switch pads
    • Plates:
      • Black-core FR4, ENIG finish (included)
      • 5052 aluminum, anodized black
      • Brass
      • Polycarbonate, clear
      • POM, black
      • Carbon fiber
    • Silicone Parts:
      • 50A and 70A grommets
      • 70A knob mount O-rings
      • 50A friction-fit feet (no adhesive required)
  • Mounting:
    • Hybrid system combining PORON foam gaskets and snap-in silicone grommets
    • Foam gaskets double as acoustic dampening between switch plate and PCB
    • Silicone grommets support both top-mount (with M2 screws) and friction-mount (screw-less) styles
  • Cable & Connections:
    • Wired USB-C connectivity
    • LEMO-compatible EGG.1B.305 panel-mount sockets
    • Interconnect cable:
      • 0.8m length
      • Woven PET outer sleeving
      • 22/28 AWG conductors
      • Shielded USB data lines
      • LEMO-compatible FGG.1B.305 push-pull connectors


Kit Contents: 

  • Keyboard case (aluminum frame + polycarbonate base)
  • PCBs & daughterboards
  • Flat flexible cables (FFCs) for daughterboards
  • LEMO-compatible panel-mount connectors w/ cable
  • LEMO-compatible interconnect cable
  • FR4 plate
  • PORON plate gaskets
  • PORON switch pads
  • Magnets
  • Knobs
  • Knob mounts
  • Knob mount set screws
  • Knob mount silicone o-rings
  • Friction-fit silicone feet (1 set black + 1 set white)
  • Silicone grommets (1 set 50A (blue) + 1 set 70A (purple))
  • Grommet screws
  • Daughterboard screws
  • Case screws
  • Magnet screws
  • Plate standoffs and screws
  • Assorted tools
  • Custom carrying case


Theseus75 x VoxelMods Cables:


Videos (Coming Soon):



  • Group-buy start date: July 1st, 2024
  • Group-buy end date: July 20th, 2024
  • Estimated shipping date: Q4 2024 -Q1 2025


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