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Meletrix Zoom75 - Add-ons

Meletrix Zoom75 - Add-ons

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Customize your Meletrix Zoom75 with a variety of add-ons!

  • Available Parts:
    • Polycarbonate Plate
    • Aluminum Plate
    • Brass Plate
    • FR4 Plate
    • POM Plate
    • Carbon Fiber Plate
    • Poron Dampener Kit
    • SS Internal Weight
    • Keyboard Feet
    • Storage Bag
    • Wired Non-flex Cut Hotswap PCB
    • Tri-mode Flex Cut Hotswap RGB PCB
    • Tri-mode Non-flex Cut Hotswap RGB PCB

  • Extra Backplates:
    • Milky Green Glass
    • Teal Glass
    • Sky Blue Glass
    • Scarlet Red Glass
    • Blush Pink Glass
    • Navy Glass
    • Lilac Glass
    • Cool Grey Glass
    • Wild Green Glass
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Black
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Gold
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Silver
    • Carbon Fiber
  • Extra Knobs
    • E-white
    • E-Red
    • E-Yellow
    • Anodized Black
    • Anodized Pink
    • Anodized Gold
    • Anodized Rose Gold
    • PVD Mirror Gold
    • PVD Mirror Silver
    • PVD Mirror Black
    • PVD Mirror Prism
    • PVD Bear
    • Anodized Cat Paw
    • Anodized Rabbit
  • Extra Weights:
    • Anodized Black
    • Anodized Gold
    • Anodized Pink
    • Anodized Rose Gold
    • E-White
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Black
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Gold
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Silver
    • Stainless Steel PVD - Prism 
  • Extra Badge Designs:
    • Shooting Star Anodized Gold
    • Shooting Star Anodized Pink
    • Shooting Star Anodized Rose Gold
    • Shooting Star Anodized Black
    • Shooting Star E-White
    • Shooting Star PVD Silver 
    • Cosmic Cruiser
    • Synthwave
    • Feline Trio
    • BearHug
    • Cyber Bears 01
    • Cyber Bears 02
    • Get Rich
    • Margins
    • Skateboard Bunny 
    • Starry Night
  • Extra Modular Kits
    • 2U Color LCD Screen Modular Kit
    • Badges Modular Kit
    • 2-Key Modular Kit
  • LCD Features:
    • Typing speed animation
    • GPU, CPU temperature
    • Time & Date
    • Memos
    • Battery power display
    • Internet speed
    • Messaging sync (Discord, WeChat, and QQ)
    • Static image upload
    • Bluetooth match status
    • Fan speed display
    • Dynamic GIF images will be supported in about 3 months






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