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[Pre-Order] Meletrix Zoom75 HE Pre-built Keyboard

[Pre-Order] Meletrix Zoom75 HE Pre-built Keyboard

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Introducing the Zoom75 HE Pre-Built Keyboard, a magnetic switch version of Meletrix's popular Zoom75. This version will be available in two colorways - black and white. Both offer Meletrix's new HE module and magnetic switches for lightning fast responses for gamers - especially FPS enthusiasts. Current Zoom75 users can also upgrade their board by purchasing an independent HE module. Enhance your gaming experience with the Zoom75 HE Pre-built - where customization meets performance.


Zoom75 HE at a Glance: 

  • Magnetic Switch 
    • Traditional mechanical keyboards require pressing the switch and reaching the actuation point to activate a key. In contrast, magnetic switches operate differently. They comprise a bottom Hall sensor and an upper magnet. When a key is pressed, changes in the distance within the sensing magnetic field lead to a fluctuation in current. Activation is determined by evaluating the strength of the induced current.
    • Additionally, automatic calibration via the Baseline Calibration algorithm ensures no abnormal functions due to temperature, humidity, magnetic differences, etc.
  • Adjustable Activation Point 
    • Zoom75 HE enables you to gain the upper hand in game.  Our Zoom75 HE enables key activation at distances as short as 0.1mm. You can customize the activation point for each key, ranging from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Find the ideal key travel distance that suits you best.
  • Rapid Trigger:
    • Utilizing the unique traits of magnetic switches, key activation and reset are determined by the distance traveled rather than fixed points. This precision enables keys to activate upon pressing and reset upon release, facilitating seamless consecutive key presses. This capability empowers you to swiftly execute a series of actions during gaming. 
  • Switch Specifications:

    • Product Name: GATERON KS-37B Magnetic Hall Sensor Keyboard Switch
    • Initial Force:30±10gf.
    • Total travel:4.0±0.2mm.
    • Operation Lifetime:150,000,000 Cycles.
    • Bottom Force: 50±10gf.
    • Top Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Transparent
    • Bottom Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Red
    • Stem Material: Thermoplastic, Red
    • Spring Material: Stainless steel

Keyboard Specifications:

  • Mount Style: Gasket
  • Layout: 75%
  • PCB: 1.6mm thickness, with Ai03 DB
  • Typing Angle: 5° 
  • Front Height: 22.14mm
  • Dimension: 323.6 x 145.78 x 34.73 (mm)
  • Default plate: Aluminum
  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum
  • Case Finish: Electrostatic glitter white top and bottom case
  • Backplate: White: PVD silver back plate Black: PVD black back plate
  • External Weight: White: Anodized gold weight Black: Anodized gold weight
  • Keycaps: 
    • ZOOM75 HE Black Prebuilt: WOB Keycaps
    • ZOOM75 HE White Prebuilt: BOW Keycaps
  • Switches: Gateron KS37B, c ompatible with KS37
  • Switch Orientation: North Facing
  • Boog75 Wired Polling Rate: 1000hz
  • QMK or VIA Support: No, customization requires use of an independent driver
  • Total Weight: 3kg


Keycap Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: WS PBT
  • Keycap Material: Double-shot PBT
  • Keycap Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Keycap Profile: Cherry
  • Keys QTY: 81 keys


What's in the box?

Fully Assembled Keyboard, including:

  • Top and bottom cases
  • HE Module (Magnetic Switch, Plate, Gasket, Sound absorbing foam, and PCB)
  • Case foam
  • BOW/WOB keycaps (matching case color)
  • Tools
  • Accessories






  1. Is the PCB only compatible with the Zoom 75? 
  2. Will it support LCD Module or Knob Module?
    Only the 2-Keys module is supported.
  3. Can I only buy the case of the Boog75? 
    Unfortunately, no.


  • Pre-Order start date: February 9th, 2024
  • Pre-Order end date: February 27th, 2024
  • Estimated shipping date: Q2 2024


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