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the sound is perfect, my favorite to use for work. I have ordered twice for work and home. Currently waiting on my third order I placed for a gift. Any idea when the preorders will be shipped?


I love loud switches. These have the noise. They feel good and they clack. I am a big fan of Azure Dragons and Baby Kangaroos, but these are a step up in terms of punch.

Timely delivery. It was well packaged. Everything arrived intact. Will buy again

A friend helped get me into keebs recently. he had me try a bunch of his own custom keyboards and I had never felt the kind of satisfaction from typing as I did from these switches. Absolutely 5/5 incredible feeling. That tactile click it gives fits my fingers exactly right

Always a great buy

Great switches priced very well!

First time purchasing switches for a future build. These switches are nice and the tactile feel is great! They are on a lighter feel kind of side for the tacitness. Customer service has been amazing, and all my questions get answered,

DK Roastery - Iced Latte
Matthew Cabello
All Around Great

They look great, they sound great, they feel great to type on, and they even smell great. Highly recommend!

Great switch

My gf hates coffee but she likes these switches 👍

B.Stone Dark Eyes
Chase Cubelos
Super smooth, stupid tactile

The most tactile switches I have ever tried ever, like an on off switch, little higher pitched super unique buttery sound, highly suggested

Great, but could be a little better

As in I wish there were more keys with different lengths.

Nice color, not Tac

I was really hoping these would be some nice tactile switches, but they have no bump. They’re basically linear switches which I’m not a fan of. The color is quite nice, although the pictures make the stems look more like a cream color than an off white.

I love them!!!

LOVE these switches. They’re my daily drivers!

Best silents I’ve tried!

I bought these for a board I was building for work and I’m in love with them! I had silent switches in my last work keyboard too, but these are actually, truly almost completely silent.

Super smooth. Will definitely be buying more.

Don’t over think it!

The keyboard is super smooth and if you never built one before it’s very beginner friendly. 10/10 would click again

They are good switches.

These are good switches. Once lubed, they are smooth with a heavy tactile bump. I love 2-stage springs so I was happy I didn't have to swap them.

Perfect for coffee enthusiasts!

The coffee theme behind the switches is awesome.

Great quality

The spring weight is a bit too light for my personal tastes, but I have to recognize the great quality and execution with these switches. Quiet, smooth, solid - not much more you could ask for from a silent linear. If you prefer heavier switches like I do, you can always swap-in some new springs - I'd say they're worth it, being a cut above the average mushy silent.

Love em great feel and great sound

Keyno Y-8 - Add-ons
James Carpio
Warped plate

The aluminum half-plate for the Keyno Y-8 was bent out of shape and took some effort to get it straightened out. The PC plate and hotswap PCB were perfectly fine though.

These linear switches are fantastic!

I was already struck with the presentation of these switches, but the combo of this particular actuation force and lube deliver a great user experience!


Honestly, even if you didn't love the thocky switches - the container they come in is *so freaking cute*. Capitalism really popped off today, ladies.

Melon Milk - Linear
Leslie Orozco
I love these switches

As someone who is very new to mechanical keyboard and wants to get a really creamy sounding one, I really like the switches. I haven’t lubed them (ik they come pre-lubed) and they still sound pretty good. I just know they’re gonna sound so much better once I foam/tape mod my keyboard and lube the switches. 10/10 recommend.

best break in machine ever

legit top their break in machine.... lets gooooo !!